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uma mulher Eddie
uma mulher Eddie
uma mulher Eddie
uma mulher Eddie
Meu nome é Eddie, 28 anos.
Sou um homem procurando por uma mulher.
Moro em Kalamazoo, Estados Unidos.
Sobre mim:
Looking for Something Exciting
“  NOW THAT IVE GOT YOUR ATTENTION. You're dealing with the ultimate gentleman/bad boy. No matter what happens, at the end of the day Ill make you smile, laugh, and wonder, how come I've never met a guy like this before?! I love to listen to smooth jazz music as I relax on my back patio. I love to talk smack when I'm beating someone in a game of pool. I hate it when women are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS on the outside and DROP DEAD GARBAGE on the inside. I loove to sing Luther Vandross songs. Also, I would love to be blessed with the lady of my life. Want to know more??? Well, that cant happen unless you contact me. Hate playing games??!! Hate being told lies? Well, come on, IM YOUR MAN!!!YOU NEED THIS in your life!!! PEACE & BLESSINGS!!! You still havent messaged me yet??!! LETS GO CHOP, CHOP!!!! (smile) MAY GOD BLESS YOU INDEED!! I receive messages frequently but I do respond quickly. Hahaha A few things important to me: music ( of all kinds), movies, laughter, sex, and peace..... ” [Traduzir para Português (Br) ]
Sobre meu parceiro ideal:
“ My dream girl is not a girl at all. She is a woman who knows what she wants and isnt afraid to approach a man that she finds attractive. Her confidence is clearly evident without being overly cocky. This woman needs to have ambition and motivation towards a goal she wants to achieve in her life. She is independent and can take care of herself but not shy about asking for help should she need it. She appreciates the little things that I do for her and is sensitive to that fact that a man needs her to lean on from time to time as well. Physical attraction is obviously important but certainly isnt the deciding factor. Last but absolutely not least, LOYALTY and TRUST is a must. If I need to be concerned about what shes doing while she says shes out with her friends then that is a major turnoff. Likewise, I need to be able to have my time with my friends or even by myself without being interrogated about every detail in a hostile m anner. Respect, loyalty, trust and the ability to just simply..... ” [Traduzir para Português (Br) ]
Prefiro que você tenha21 - 38 anos.
Estou aqui para experimentar encontros online, começar um relacionamento e procurar por um possível futuro cônjuge.
Gosto de passar o tempo ouvindo música, fazendo esportes, assistindo TV e filmes, viajando e visitando outros lugares, indo a cafés e restaurantes, cozinhando e preparando comida e indo à praia.
Minha aparência é: Negro - Africano, Minha pele é negra. Meu tipo de corpo é atlético, Minha altura é 191 cm e meu peso é por volta de 110 e 114 kg. Meu cabelo é longo e preto. Meus olhos são castanhos escuros.
Eu estou solteiro.
Em relação a me mudar para outro lugar, não estou disposto a me mudar.
Meu signo é Virgem.
Minha religião é não religioso.
Meu grau de escolaridade é bacharelado ou equivalente.
Minha profissão é finanças.
Entendo e falo Inglês.
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